How Much Of A Superstar Are YOU

There are many many people in this world who has had a dream of being a superstar and you can figure out if you really are a superstar or maybe you're not, who cares? This quiz dosen't have accurate results anyway!

Do you think that you have what it takes to bwe a superstar or not? Figure it out with this fantabulas quiz! Hurry and figure out now, before it's too late!

Created by: Katie
  1. what do you love?
  2. what's your favorite color?
  3. what's your favorite animal?
  4. what music do you like?
  5. who's your favorite celebrity?
  6. who do you not like, (i am not trying to be racist)
  7. what grade are you in?
  8. are you happy?
  9. what's your favorite food?
  10. how sensitive are you?

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Quiz topic: How Much Of A Superstar am I