What State best fits you!

Have you ever wondered where you really belonged in this world??? Dont like where you live and want to find out wheres a place to go that you might like to live for forever! You know what they say: The grass is always greener on the other side! see if thats true by taking this quiz

Well! heres a quiz to tell you what STATE BEST FITS YOUR PERSONALITY. in about a minnute, you will find out what state you best belong in! You can go move to that state if you want lol.But actually its a really good quiz to see which place best describes your personality

Created by: christina of N0
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  1. What kind of weather do you like?
  2. Do you like hunting?
  3. Do you like are president George Bush?
  4. If i said "Your Gay" you would
  5. About how long is the cold season?
  6. At your beach there are
  7. Who is your governer?
  8. Your crime rate is
  9. Do you ride horses?
  10. Everybody Discooo

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