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  • You are in ThunderClan! You are brave and kind. When someone is in trouble, you will work hard to help them. You stand up to bring peace and hapiness to everyone. You will do anything possible to make things better, even if it means breaking the rules. You are open-minded to other people and make friends easily. Bravery is central to who you are. It leads you to stand up for other people and yourself. Sometimes you may be reckless and your work might get out of hand. This can lead you to get into fights, which you are not afraid of. Since you spend so much time helping others, people are sometimes annoyed when you get in their business. In the end, you have everyone's best interests in mind and you just want to help. When faced with problems you rush into them instead of running away. This way you can tackle the quickly and effectively. Outside you prefer the safety of the forest. Undergrowth and tall trees give you a feeling of protection found no where else. This can inspire a sense of adventure in you, leading you to follow new paths.

    Does not describe me

    Fire guy
    • actually it kinda does

      Fire guy
  • I wanted shadow clan but I got skyclan. I haven't read all the books so I don't even know what that is

  • I got ThunderClan

  • SHADOWCLAN!!!!!!

  • I got Windclan!!! My favorite!!! :D

  • I got shadowclan TvT

    Jay_Is_Yay tm