Which TF2 Character are you?

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If you haven't heard of tf2 by now, you must live under a rock. Anyways, this is a quiz based on personality and how you think, not just one where you choose 'i like backstabbing' and get 'spy'.

Have you been looking for a GOOD Team Fortress 2 quiz? One based on personality, not just that you like to headshot people? Well, I know I have. And I made this quiz to take care of that.

Created by: Sledgehammer
  1. Monday: the alarm rings. 5am.
  2. Time to head out to 2fort; 60 seconds to the round begins.
  3. Begin! How do you attack?
  4. Ouch. You're dead. What happened?
  5. Your team capped the final point! Congrats!
  6. Because you won, you get a nice big dinner of...
  7. It's late at night... what are you doing?
  8. Which sound appeals to you the most?
  9. In a relationship, you are...
  10. You often find yourself...

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Quiz topic: Which TF2 Character am I?