What TF2 Merc Are You Most Like?

Team Fortress 2 is a multiplayer game with nine individual characters. Each mercenary has a personality of their own. You don't just relate to a certain character because they're your favorite or because you may also use the same weapon as them in a similar situation.

If you think you might be similar to one character over the other, then this is the quiz for you! Find out which mercenary best fits you in the way you interact and respond. Just because you use a sniper rifle doesn't mean you're similar in personality to the sniper!

Created by: Anonymous
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  2. What is your gender?
  1. When facing a problem, you..
  2. When socializing, you prefer to..
  3. When it comes to goals I..
  4. When dealing with new concepts, idea, and ideologies you..
  5. When working on a new project you..
  6. When somebody says something that offends you, or steps on your toes, you..
  7. You're at a party, what're you doing?
  8. When it comes to friends you..
  9. You would describe your sense of humor as..
  10. What're your biggest strengths?
  11. What do you think your biggest weaknesses are?
  12. What element group does your Zodiac Sign rest in?
  13. What is your star sign?
  14. Continued..
  15. Continued..
  16. Which is your favorite group to play as?

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Quiz topic: What TF2 Merc am I Most Like?