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  • Your Result: Venom 91%

    You are a jealous person and you want to prove your worth against the people you feel have caused you harm. You will go to any length to achieve this even if it means bonding with alien symniote!

    91% Scarecrow
    77% Green Goblin
    65% The Joker
    48% Two Face
    38% Magneto
    36% Mephisto
    28% Doctor Doom
    26% Galactus
    21% Apocalypse
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    Thank you for taking the quiz. I hope you now understand your evil nature. Weather or not you were born a villain you deffinatley are one now! Now go wreak havoc on the world!!! MWAHAHAHAHAHAAAA!!!

    "Which super villain are you?" was created by Jamie

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  • Your Result: Doctor Doom

    You are the arch nemesis of the Fantastic Four. You are a genius but you use your brain for selfish and evil ends. You will go to any length to get what you want and nobody matters but yourself.


  • Scarecrow,I am very revenge seeking and would like to torture instead of kill my enemies that way they know how it feels to be abused and neglected often. Cool quiz anyways mate.

  • I was Magneto.

  • scarecrow. sweet! i love batman.

  • Two face

  • Dr. Doom is WEIRD

  • Doc Doom. yay.

  • i got The Joker.


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