Which super villain are you?

Not all outcomes result in a strictly 'super' villain but they are all famous comic book bad guys. Some of them are pure evil but some have been corrupted by a greater evil. Is evil just a point of view or is the world governed by the laws of good and evil, chaos and law?

We all do bad things, but why do we do them? Are you pure evil or just a complete nutter? Or maybe you're a healthy mix of both. Find out for yourself if you'll be squashing spider-man and battling batman!

Created by: Jamie
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  1. Are all your plans well thought out?
  2. Do you carry out your plans personally?
  3. Are you sane?
  4. Have you always followed your evil ways?
  5. Do you conceal your identity?
  6. Do you enjoy messing with your victims minds?
  7. Do you prefer beating the hell out of your victims?
  8. Are you intelligent?
  9. Are you scary?
  10. Do you have any loyalties?
  11. Do you like to squash bugs?
  12. Do you believe yourself to be part of something superior to all others?
  13. Are you evil?

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Quiz topic: Which super villain am I?