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  • Hey they don't have The Force Awakenes

    Hhaalloo Jun 29 '16, 2:56PM
  • Attack of the Clones! Cool! :D

    DismissedEye Feb 23 '16, 9:07AM
  • Episode 6!! My fav movie EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!

    CoolDude123 Aug 11 '15, 11:02AM
  • Good quiz. I got Episode IV:A New Hope which is my 2nd favorite. The beginning of a hero's journey :)

    X wing pilot Apr 7 '15, 7:39PM
  • Good quiz. I got Episode IV:A New Hope which is my 2nd favorite. The beginning of a hero's journey :)

    X wing pilot Apr 7 '15, 7:38PM
  • attack of the clones...

    agentmotherboard Jan 7 '15, 12:05PM
  • Revenge of the Sith. My second favorite movie.

    Ariana9 Sep 19 '14, 1:36AM
  • Yes! Episode 6 ! My all time fave!!!! I don't know what my purpose would be if there were no Star Wars! I can't picture a world without it!!!! Oh right, good quiz!

    PawPrint101 Jul 8 '13, 1:45AM
  • Star Wars VI: Return of the Jedi

    Excellent! The completion of the Hero's Journey. :D

    Kepler Dec 15 '12, 12:51AM
  • Episode II?! What?! That's my least
    favorite episode! ROMANCE RUINS EVERYTHING!!

    pikachew Nov 9 '12, 9:04PM
  • Pretty good. But obvious prejudice is obvious. I happen to love ALL of Star Wars and remember that its a SAGA not a part series. But still good though :) Could tell you held back some of the hatred to not get hated on... or you actually tried to be fair. Either way it was an okay quiz... could've been better without the prejudice though.

    Rexness613 Oct 6 '12, 10:59AM
  • AWESOME QUIZ!!!!!!!! I got episode 4 at first, but that wasn't really me. maybe Empire strikes back or return of the jedi... but anyway, there was a question i had trouble answering, so I went back and changed that one answer and got Episode 3, which is definitely me! This quiz is so funny, and awesome and unusual. great job :)

    DarthVader Oct 7 '11, 5:23PM
  • awesome quiz! i got one of my fav movies! :D

    314FMcM Sep 10 '11, 8:54PM
  • Empire Strikes Back! Pretty good quiz

    S542 Jul 4 '11, 2:18PM
  • Empire strike back that is the most terrible one! And why don't you like star wars the clone wars? it is good but not as good as revenge of the sith. responedon my quiz ype in Ithorian and look for what star wars speies are you or the ultimate star wars quiz.

    Ithorian Jun 30 '11, 10:20AM
  • a nu hope. yeah, thats pretty much what i wanted. all in all, pretty good quiz, i liked the really cute star wasr fats you put in and the fact that ou wanted to make star wars fans read about their own culture and just have fun and celebrate it, lol, keep making them quizzes keep em comming i will b back for more
    -moff tarkin

    moff_tarkin Apr 29 '09, 6:35PM
  • WUT i got revenge of the sith

    makeITmine Apr 27 '09, 7:34PM
  • Haha, I don't mind Phantom Menace. Wanted Return of the Jedi though.

    xxSecondHandxx Apr 26 '09, 2:43PM

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