which resident evil woman are you going out with

there are only some nice and wise woman in resident evil.There are also some traiters,like ada wong and alice.But alice made the right choice of joining us.

do you think you are hot enough to date this girls.?If you think so ,step right up and try this quiz,with characters like jill valentine and claire refield

Created by: Elizabeth Gold

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. which is your favorite color
  2. which one would you rather do
  3. which is your favorite resident evil game [movie].
  4. which one would you rather be
  5. who would you date
  6. which one would you rather be doing
  7. if your friend worked in umbrella,what would you do
  8. If your friend was in a secret mission where he/she could pick the person they want to work with,and that person was you,what would you say
  9. is this quiz boring you
  10. LAST Question!Who is your favorite woman

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Quiz topic: Which resident evil woman am I going out with