How Much Do You Know About Resident Evil?

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There Are Some People Who are barely starting To Know About Resident Evil And There are some other people who are true resident evil geniuses And those people rock! Well If You Want To Know How Much You Know About Resident Evil Just Take This Quiz Ok?

So Are Youuuu! Readyyyyy! To Take this quiz? To prove your a resident evil genius and know everything about resident evil? If You Dont Know A Thing About Resident Evil Then You Dont Have The power to take this quiz Ok? So Take This Quiz I Hope You Will Get 100 To Prove You Know a lot about resident evil.

Created by: Ivan

  1. On Resident Evil 4 Who Is The President's Daughter?
  2. What Does U.B.C.S. Stand For?
  3. Which Character From Resident Evil 1 Was Seen In Resident Evil 3?
  4. On Resident Evil 2 what Is The Racoon City's Police Chief's Name?
  5. Who Is The S.T.A.R.S. medic?
  6. On Resident Evil 1 What Branch Of The Service Was Chris Kicked Out Of?
  7. On Resident Evil 5 Who Was The Final Boss?
  8. On Resident Evil Zero Who Was Rebecca Chambers Partner?
  9. What Is The Color Of Ada Wong's Dress On Resident Evil 4?
  10. What Song Did Jill have to play on the piano in order to open a secret passage way On resident evil 1?
  11. On Resident Evil Zero Who Says "Ah, time to die,doctor."
  12. On Resident Evil 4 What Do You Call The Zombies?
  13. Where Was Ashley Graham Kidnapped On Resident Evil 4 At First?
  14. What Year Did Jack Krauser Died?

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Quiz topic: How Much do I Know About Resident Evil?