Are You A Resident Evil 4 Fan?

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SO SORRY GUYS THE TITTLE OF THIS QUIZ IS NOT "Are You A Resident Evil 4 Fan?" I MADE A MISTAKE THE TITTLE OF THIS QUIZ IS "Which Resident Evil 4 Character Are You?" OK SORRY. Here In This Resident Evil 4 Quiz You Will Take It And At The End It Will Tell You Which Resident Evil 4 Character Are You. Ok Sounds Like Fun? If It Does Take It :). The Result You Get Is Going To Be A Character From Resident Evil 4 only Okay? Ex: Leon S. Kennedy

Are You READY!!!? Are You Ready To Take This Awesome Resident Evil 4 Personality Quiz? Do You Have The Power Of Resident Evil 4 To Take This Quiz? If Yes Then Take Itttt :D

Created by: Ivan

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Which Weapon Is Your Favorite?
  2. Are You Better With The Ladies?
  3. You See 2 Sisters With A Chainsaw And They Are Heading To You,What Do You Do?
  4. You See 30 Ganados And You Only Have A Knife , What Do You Do?
  5. Do You Love Zombies?
  6. Which Character Do You Like Most?
  7. Which Weapon Do You Hate?
  8. Wats Ur Hair Color?
  9. Are You Bored?
  10. Do You Love Resident Evil 4?

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Quiz topic: Am I A Resident Evil 4 Fan?