Which phone is better for you?

After an argument with my friends about which stupid phones are better in this messed-up society, I decided to make a quiz out of it, here are the phones;

; -Blackberry bold/Blackberry priv -Samsung Galxey -Sony -iphone 6/6s or 5. I personally prefer Blackberry's but hey, let's see what phone or type of phone you get.

Created by: 070085915
  1. What phone company do you prefer?
  2. Do you have a job?
  3. Would you rather a phone to text and video-chat with your friends?
  4. Or...would you rather a phone for work and quick texting and phone calls?
  5. On a scale of one to ten (1-10) how secure and safe would you like your phone to be?
  6. On what price range would you like your phone to be (for canadian dollars/american dollars).
  7. Which country's technology do you like the best?
  8. Would you rather a phone company that's been aroung for a while and made phones for over ten years?
  9. New or old technology?
  10. Would you like a phone that's compadable with everything?

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