How Important Is Your Phone To You?

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The 21st century is full of new gadgets and gizmos, one popular one being the smart phone. Take this quiz to find out how important you phone is to your life.

The quiz is 21 questions, each asking about phone use. You may want to have your device next to you so you can answer some of the questions. Have fun!

Created by: Xouterside
  1. How much time do you spend on your phone each day?
  2. How updated is your phone's operating system?
  3. How often do you get a new phone
  4. Say it's around 2:00 pm. About how much battery is left in your phone?
  5. How much music is on your phone?
  6. How many downloaded apps do you have?
  7. How many texts do you get and send to others daily?
  8. How many Phone calls per day?
  9. Do you use your computer more than your phone?
  10. Do you use your phone for work?
  11. Do you use your phone more than your computer for work?
  12. Is your phone the number one way you keep in contact with people?
  13. Are you taking this quiz on your phone?
  14. Do you use social media on your phone (ex. Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat)?
  15. Do you have a case on your phone?
  16. Do you use email on your phone?
  17. Do you write notes or reminders on your phone (ex. Passwords so you won't forget them, if it's somebody's birthday)
  18. Many things on your phone (email, social media, etc.) can be done on the computer. Would you still use them as often on the computer if you didn't have the phone?
  19. Do you think your phone is important to you?

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