Am I phone addicted?? The quiz

Well after all phone addicts won't get their eyes off the screen for a while but some people can live without their phone for a while like me I love my mom teaches me is not all I got to study and go out and play withy friends😀😀😜

Are you phone addicted?? Are you on you a phone addict are you on your phone all day and night long?? Well until now you could only wonder... Thanks to this awese quiz, in just a few minutes you can find out!!

Created by: Genius1466

  1. Do text all night long??
  2. Would you rather live without your phone for a month or get a painful shot in the doctor??
  3. Your going on vacation but there is no signal will you go??
  4. What do you do when your in your phone?
  5. Will you live with out wifi
  6. When your in a plane what do you do?
  7. What do you do in your free time??
  8. Random question: do you have a pet??
  9. Random too: I LOVE selfies do you??
  10. Srry one more and we're done I swear: what kind of phone do you have??

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