Are you addicted to your mobile phone?

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Mobile phones play a huge part in almost everybody's life whether they realise it or not. To what extent we decide to delve into the digital world seems an apparent and deliberate choice, but is it?..

Are you actually addicted to your mobile phone or mobile device? Would you recognise the 'symptoms'? Research would suggest that the majority of 'cyber addicts' have no idea of their addiction..Little worrying isn't it..Well, worry no more, take this simple and quick test to diagnose yourself!

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  1. Do you own a smart phone or a regular phone?
  2. What do you do first thing after waking up?
  3. You are walking down the street, someone is walking towards you and they are looking down at their phone; do you;
  4. What is important in a mobile phone to you?
  5. You see an amazing looking building or scenery, do you -
  6. Is your mobile built for..
  7. Does your neck and / or back hurt sometimes because..
  8. When you think of Samsung, do you think of..
  9. Do you charge your mobile..
  10. Do you think you could 'live' without your mobile phone?

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Quiz topic: Am I addicted to my mobile phone?