The Right Mobile

Are you looking for the right phone? Have you been searhing and searching for what the best plan is or what the best phone is. This all depends on what things you are looking for in a phone.

So if you are looking for the RIGHT phone! Then this quiz is perfect for you. Until now you have had no idea what phone you want, but thanks to this great quiz, in just a few minutes you will have the answer right infront of you.

Created by: Sophie N
  1. I use email and internet on my phone?
  2. I have a large income
  3. Do you perfer to text or type on a keypad?
  4. Do you use your mobile as a camera?
  5. Do you love your mobile?
  6. I like to have the latest gadgets
  7. Do you stick to your plan?
  8. Do you use your phone often
  9. Do you drop your phone alot?
  10. Do you want to download things onto the internet from you phone?
  11. Do you need alot of storage space on your phone?

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