What phone is for you?

Lately I have been BEGGING my mom to buy me a new phone' however she wont. I am due for a new phone in October, so I made this quiz to help me decide which phone I should get.

I am sure most of you want an iPhone, however it may not be the phone for you. You might just want it. So try this quiz, and you will see which phone you should get!

Created by: MayahPapaya
  1. On a saturday night your most likely:
  2. Do you have a hard time texting with touch screens?
  3. Do you want a phone or need a phone?
  4. Are you enjoying this quiz?
  5. Are you enjoying this quiz?
  6. When you text, how many people do you text at once?
  7. Do you talk on the phone a lot?
  8. Do you use your phone more for friends or important stuff?
  9. What result do you hope to get?
  10. How long do you expect your phone to last?

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