what kind of phone would suit you

There are many phones but which one is right for you. Is it a nokia, sony,I-phone,blackberry or something else. Take this test and find out wich phone best fits you or do you not really need a phone at all.

Do you want to know what phone suits you? Do you really need a phone? Do YOU not know. well that's ok thanks to this test in a few minutes you can now find out

Created by: francesca

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. what would you prefer to do on the weekend
  2. what is your favourite colour
  3. how long does it take for you to get bored of a toy.
  4. how much do you like to carry around with you
  5. are you enjoying the quiz so far
  6. how much do you like to contact people
  7. do you live near to all your friends
  8. what is your favourite hobbie
  9. do you think you need a phone
  10. what is your job

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