Do you LOVE reading?

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Hi, I'm Katie and I live in Texas and I live on reading. I also play clash of clans and I've read 1 book this year, it was COHF and it was a delicious read.

I created this quiz because I was bored and Idk. Anyway, I'll have the comments open and I'll check them every week. I cannot wait for Shadowhunters to air on Freeform. :)

Created by: LolImKatie

  1. How much do you read a day?
  2. Have long do you read?
  3. Do you ship people in books?
  4. Is reading fun for you?
  5. The last few questions won't effect anything. (Maybe)
  6. Where do you live?
  7. Would you rather read or play on your phone?
  8. It's January 2nd for me lol (2k16)
  9. Poop
  10. Reading ?

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Quiz topic: Do I LOVE reading?