Does She Like you Back?

So, you want to see if she really likes you? Love is no joke, and you should know if going after her is worth it. Well look no further! Your love salvation is here!

What? You're still reading this? Take the test and see if its true! Don't you want to know? Well, let me tel you: the longer you sit there reading this, the less time you have to (maybe) get your girl!

Created by: Wayne

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  1. *The following questions are obvious, but essential.* Have you ever caught her looking at you three or more times in one day?
  2. Does she talk less around you than she does with her friends, or does she talk more around you than around her friends?
  3. Has she ever just started talking to you about something TOTALLY random, such as food.
  4. Does she often (about 2 or more times per day) ask you for advice on schoolwork.
  5. Has she ever done "random" acts of kindness for you?
  6. In partner assignments, does she often go to you?
  7. *If you answer a SOLID YES to any of the following questions, then rest assured that she likes..I mean, LOVES you.* Has she ever thrown a game of any sport just to let your team win?
  8. Has she ever "accidentaly" tripped and landed on you?
  9. When yu tell a joke, does she laugh no matter how corny the joke is?
  10. Does she have a nickname for you?
  11. When you finish a presentation, has she been the one that claps the first, or the one that claps the hardest?

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