Does He REALLY Like You?

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Are you stuck wondering if that one kid likes you back? Now is the time to find out! Discover tips to a relationship and an outside opinion to whether he's worth it.

You need to understand: This isn't your typical he loves me, he loves me not quiz. I spent HOURS perfecting this :). I hope you enjoy it and find something out!

Created by: embrie of More!
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  1. How old are you and your boi?
  2. Have you ever caught him staring at you?
  3. How often does he tease you/make fun of you in a nice way?
  4. Has he ever told his friends that you're cool?
  5. Has he ever touched you, even "accidentally"?
  6. Have you kissed?
  7. How many things in common do you have?
  8. When you're near him, you feel...
  9. How long have you been crushing on him?
  10. Does he make an effort to talk to you?
  11. And finally... love, lust, or lost cause?

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