Very Accurate Does She Like Me?

Love is tricky, and if you don't get it right you may be heartbroken. Heart broken is something no one wants to be, so we try to get it as close as we can so we are not hurt.

That isn't always easy. We look for tips, ways to be happier, and most of us never want to be alone. In this quiz, I will try to help those who are lost and don't know if the girl you are thinking of likes you back.

Created by: Rowan
  1. Who normally starts conversations?
  2. Has she ever wanted to have space from you?
  3. Has she wanted to see you more often then you already see each other?
  4. Has she ever given you a nickname? (Even if it's one you don't like)
  5. When you make a joke, does she laugh or giggle even if it wasn't that funny?
  6. Does she ever go to you with problems or concerns about her own life that she didn't go to her others friends with?
  7. Does she make you feel appreciated? (Ex. Thank you for things, compliment you, etc.)
  8. Does she hide you from her friends?
  9. When talking, is there ever a silence that does indeed feel awkward?
  10. If there's a silence is it not really ever awkward? (Ex. Just looking at each other and smiling)
  11. Do you share interests and talk about those shared interests?
  12. If you try something and fail, does she try and make you feel better about it?
  13. Have you ever tried to impress her with something and it failed, did she act like it still impressed her?
  14. Has she looked out for what's best for you, even if you didn't want to? (Ex. Saying that you're staying up too late and need to go to sleep)
  15. Has she ever talked to her friends and/or family about you?

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