Does he like you back?

Crushes are so elusive. You just love everything about him, from his smile to the way he pronounces your name. But guys are so hard to understand, especially if they are in love.

Does he like you? Could the boy of your dreams actually like you back? Until now, all you could do was guess. With this definitive quiz, you will be sure to know what his true feelings are for you.

Created by: rosybird

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  1. Do you ever catch him staring at you, especially in class?
  2. Does he lean towards you when he talks to you?
  3. Does you ever catch him touching his mouth or rubbing his cheek with the back of his hand when he's around you?
  4. Does he hunch or slouch his shoulders when he's with you?
  5. When he's with you does he ever stand, hands on his hips and feet apart?
  6. Does he ever try to help you with things you don't need help with? (Assuming that you don't ask him to help you)
  7. Does he ever try to lightly touch you on the leg or arm?
  8. Does he ever act silly to embarrass you (especially at a dance or a public place?)
  9. Have you ever seen him pull up his socks? Are his socks always properly pulled up?
  10. What does he do when he sees you talking to another guy?
  11. Has he suddenly become interested in one of your hobbies?
  12. Does he know that you like him already?

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