Does he like me back?

many girls sit and wonder: Does he like me back? but they never know for sure. a lot of girls miss out on the best guys just because they dont have the guts to ask them how they feel

this quiz is a quick check to see if the hottie that you are crushing on is maybe crushing back! you never know until you take the test, so see if he's into you for sure!

Created by: Brogamus
  1. Do you make it obvious that you like him?
  2. do you act like yourself around him?
  3. if he does like you, would you adress it?
  4. when you talk to him, his eyes:
  5. is he in a relationship?
  6. does he ever initiate conversations?
  7. where do you talk?
  8. does he ever flirt with you?
  9. what amount of PDA do you do?
  10. if you do something embarrassing in class, he:

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