Which Johnny character do you love?

Johnny Depp is a very versatile actor. He has played everything from the slightly odd to the dangerously bizarre. He's usually hunky and always entertaining.

Do you love J.D.? Do you watch a movie just because he's in it, even if you're fairly certain the movie will suck? Find out which of six Johnny characters is perfect for you.

Created by: amazon
  1. Your biggest fear is
  2. In your spare time, you and your ideal mate would
  3. Your dream guy's hair is
  4. Your ideal guy dresses like
  5. One of your man's favourite items would be his
  6. On a date, you and your guy would share
  7. Your dream guy is really good at
  8. If he had to have one flaw, your dude would not be very good at
  9. Your ideal dude would take you
  10. The most important quality in a man to you is

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