Which guy is your dream guy?Part 4

I am required to put in one hundred and fifty characters so i will keeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep on saaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayinnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnng this! sorry!


Created by: MayRose

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  1. When you wake up,you see that the guys are crowded around you."Guys!shae's waking up,"Andrew says whispering to the rest of the guys.You mumble,and put your hand on your head as if to keep it still."_____!Are you okay!"This is Zacks voice."Yeah,I think so,"How do you really feel?
  2. "_____,what happened?Why did you faint again?We all heard a scream!(me:the scream downed out any other noise)When we heard that,we all ran down here,"
  3. Again,you hand Andrew the note."OH MY GOSH!!WHY WON'T HE LEAVE YOU ALONE!!"He yells.You cover your ears again,cuz you got another headache and his voice is loud!Sorry he says.He hands the guys the note.They all look furious with Heathe!They look like they would send him to a hospital!
  4. Okay,they decide that one guy should stay with you at all times,(likr when they go to the store,or someone to sit by yuor bed as a lookout when your sleeping)They take a drawing.Each guys name goes in twice,and the name most pulled out of the fedora will protect you at all times.Who do you want to win?
  5. The results are two Austin,and three Blaze's!Blaze wins!
  6. Anyway,You get up,and like you promised,you make Blaze and the guys breakfast!All the guys put in cute comments,which is your fav?
  7. Unforunately,You use the last of the food in the fridge.The other 3 guys go to the store while Blaze and you play Chutes and Latters.Your'e beating him.
  8. You hear a crash coming from somewhere in the house!All of a sudden,Blaze falls to the ground!You poke him,he's unconsious!You see something coming out of his neck,OH MY GEEE,IT'S A TRANQUILIZER DART!!
  9. You drag Blaze under your bed and you pick a different place to hide,the closet!
  10. You peak through the crack and see a curly red-head with blazing red eyes looking around for something,for you!He's calling your name over and over again!
  11. You dig your way through the back of the closet,which is a big mistake,because he hears this and opens the door!
  12. He grabs your arm,and shoots you in the neck with the tranquilizer gun!Before you faint,you see him place a note on the table.You quickly read it,It says,'Hey guys!Guess who!Blaze is under _____ bed!I took her again!MWAHAHAHA from Heathe!
  13. Okay,who do you love?

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Quiz topic: Which guy is my dream guy?Part 4