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  • Your Result: Aphrodite 88%

    resultGoddes s of love, beauty, desire, sex, and pleasure. to have her as a your Mother would mean that you have a very outgoing personality and you know how to love with all your heart. Love is the most important thing in your life, whether it be friends, family, or a significant other. She is one of the Oldest Goddesses and is know to be very influential to those around her. To be a child of Aphrodite means that you are beautiful inside and out.

    88% Athena
    81% Poseidon
    65% Hermes
    62% Demeter
    62% Hades
    50% Ares
    46% Zeus
    40% Apollo 15%

  • Poseidon's kid C:
    I'm happy with that result. Good quiz ^o^

  • I got Hermes 89%

  • I got Hermes. this quiz is very accurate. good job

  • Umm... sure why not


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