Which God Is Your Parent? (Cabins 1-10)

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Hello, Camp Half-Blood! Time for you to be claimed by your godly parent! Answer the questions honestly and the truth shall be revealed (though of course, you can choose whatever cabin you like.)

This quiz is ONLY for cabins 1-10. It does NOT include Hades, Dionysus, Hermes, or the “minor” gods. For cabins 11-20, take the "Which God Is Your Parent (Cabins 11-20)" quiz. It is recommended that you take both tests and choose from your top results.

Created by: Mother Moth
  1. What element are you?
  2. Pick a color
  3. Which are you drawn to more?
  4. What type of music do you listen to?
  5. Which scent do you find the most appealing?
  6. Choose a place to spend leisure time
  7. Sun or moon?
  8. Strong or swift?
  9. Choose an animal
  10. What is more important to you?
  11. What do you want more than anything else?
  12. What do you fear more than anything else?
  13. What would you find most difficult to deal with?
  14. What historical period would you like to visit?
  15. Pick a snack
  16. Choose somewhere to eat
  17. Choose a weapon
  18. While walking down the street late at night, you sense the presence of a monster. What do you do?
  19. Who would you take on a quest?
  20. In battle, who would you choose to fight beside?
  21. Which road tempts you most?
  22. Which location are you most interested in visiting?
  23. What is the worst part about being a demigod?
  24. You are given a task for a quest. Which one would you rather do?
  25. Which camp activity are you most excited about?

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Quiz topic: Which God Is my Parent? (Cabins 1-10)