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  • Really wanted to be a villain or something to do with the dark side but cool quiz anyways mate. Really long but was a fun quiz. I can tell u put alot of work into it.

    The Anti-hero 82%

    You are the ANTI-HERO. You may be a mercenary, a petty thief, a smuggler, or whatnot, but chances are you'll reform and become less selfish by the end of the story. You tend to be either the standoffish mysterious type, or the cocky type with a sense of humor. Examples: Han Solo, etc.

  • Your Result: The Elf Princess

    You are the ELF PRINCESS. (Unless, of course, you ARE the main character of your tale) you are the main character's love interest. Usually, you are dark-haired and extremely beautiful, magical, and mysterious! Examples: Arwen, Arya, etc.

    Wow! I always said I was an elf :P

  • The Minion and The Sympathetic Semi-Villain on first place with 91% and Anti-Hero in second with 81%. Great.

  • Wise mentor. Dang it! I wanted to be an elven princess! Well...maybe I'll be the elven princess mentor hero thingy.

    By the way, your quizzes are probably the best in the world. Just so you know.

  • The sympathetic semi-villain (!), with antihero in second.

  • The Dark Lord, 82%. Seriously? I was never even a suspect

    (Cos good guys are sooo are dumb).

  • Muwahahaaaaaa! im the dark lord!

    Evelyn Waters
  • I got Sympathetic Semi-Villain for 82%.
    Oh no.
    I'm going to die, aren't I?


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