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  • Also, I have 2 quizzes. There called Ultimate Percy Jackson quiz, and My shoutout quiz. Please take them.

    User Aug 15 '16, 6:28PM
  • I'm Maddie Hatter. I was almost blondie, and then ceder. I loved your quiz.

    User Aug 15 '16, 6:27PM
  • Ashlynn Ella :);)she's profect :)

    Ashlynn Ella Mar 12 '16, 1:19AM
  • mmm

    annnnaana Aug 17 '15, 1:02AM
  • I got C.A. Cupid!! I'm in love

    CaCupid1 Apr 4 '15, 9:58AM
  • I got raven but rather ashlenyn she is way tooooooo cute and raven is a

    peachyblast Jan 29 '15, 7:03PM
  • I have a slight problem. I lie all the time! Honestly, I did not think I'd get Cedar Wood. But at least Apple-the-live-ruin er was at the bottom!

    S_E_ Aug 21 '14, 8:19AM
  • Raven Queen. Cool.

    I want to read the books really bad. They're by Shannon Hale right? I'm pretty sure but anyways, I haven't seen the show or read the books and I really wish that I would. Or could. Depends how you look at it.

    funniebunnie01 Jun 9 '14, 6:14PM
  • Your Result: Cerise Hood

    You're Cerise. You're quiet and tomboyish. You are very athletic, but few know you harbour a dark secret. You're very reserved although you have a bit of a temper, but if not for your secret, it's likely you'd be a bit more social. You're Cerise Hood.

    Cedar Wood

    Raven Queen

    C.A. Cupid

    Lizzie Hearts

    Madeleine Hatter

    Briar Beauty

    Apple White

    Blondie Lockes

    Ashlynn Ella

    Yay! I love Cerise!!!

    Morgan3929 Apr 19 '14, 10:26AM

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