which clone trooper are you most like

which clone trooper are you most like is a great quiz that has a lot of effort put behind it so please take the quiz knowing that you are going to get good results

do you have the guts to be a captain or are you a great pilot you might be a great commander find out when you take this great quiz and have a great time

Created by: john cena

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  1. how brave are you
  2. are you willing to let yourself be killed to save a fellow clone trooper
  3. are you tough
  4. if you were killed in combat would you want to be buried on the battlefield like your friends or have a proper funeral
  5. do you know what a dc 15 blaster is
  6. why did you enlist in the clone army
  7. how long would your battles take
  8. why did you take this quiz
  9. have you been arrested before
  10. how is your life

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Quiz topic: Which clone trooper am I most like