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There are many types of clones but this is a few types that are most commonly used and turnt into. You can complete many things and go into many different proffesions.

I chose this quiz because it was a inspiration by alot of other things. I have a few freinds at my school that also wanted to take a quiz that was made by one of us.

Created by: j3un6a00
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  1. SITUATION: You have just been deployed on the battlefield and your squad is all dead. Droids are coming up on your position.
  2. There are droids that are advancing on your position. There is a safehouse and it is about to be over-run.
  3. SITUATION: A soldier near you is down,that is the soldier that bullied you as a kid.
  4. SITUATION: You are in a droid camp. You are about to be fired apon, what do you do.
  5. SITUATION: You find a rogue soldier on the battlefield and he poses no threat to you.
  6. SITUATION: You have been assigned a mission for a rescue how do you go in.
  7. SITUATION: Your home is being attacked on Kamino and you are the last battalion alive, what do you command your battalion
  8. SITUATION: You are the pilot of a gunship and you get shot in the shoulder.
  9. SITUATION: Your squadron commander gets hit with a mortar shell, the shell has not exploded.
  10. SITUATION: You fire a shot it hits a pedestrian only one soldier sees it.
  11. SITUATION: You are in the barracks and you see a jedi
  12. SITUATION: There is a fire and your child dies, how do you cope with it.
  13. SITUATION: You have been kicked out of the clone army.

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