Would You Marry a Clone Trooper?

Now, we all know that the clones from star wars are fictional people as are all star wars characters. But what if you were thrust into that universe. And what if the clones took a liking to you or vice versa.

The question is WOULD YOU BE FIT TO MARRY A CLONE? I myself hold clones in great respect and would pass the test. Would you be able to love a man who looks like a million other people, is a trained killer, belongs to the government, and has a really really hot accent. Take this quiz and find out!

Created by: Marnie
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  1. If a clone showed interest in you and tried to start a converstaion, you would say...
  2. If an injured clone limps to your house from a nearby battle field seeking refuge, what do you do?
  3. A clone is very depressed because his closest brothers just died, he feels his life is meaningless, and his meds aren't kicking in. What do you do?
  4. A clone asks you to marry him, what do you do?
  5. Clones are actually only ten during the clone wars, so they're not very good at flirting. A clone starts hitting on you with stupid and sometimes offensive pick up lines, but you know he doesn't know any better. You...
  6. If a clone asks you the big question, do you think clone life is significant and/or should it exist, you answer...
  7. Are you able to put up with a strict Mandalorian lifestyle like how most of the clones were brought up in?
  8. Would you leave your clone for another clone?
  9. Your clone lover doesn't want to be in the army anymore. He askes you if you want to run away with him to some remote desert planet and start a family and such. Whatd ya say?
  10. Guess what just came! Order 66, YAY! Your man actually belived that the Jedi master he'd been fighting alongside for so long was a traitor, and he killed him becuase a man he's never seen before in his life told him to. Would you stay with him or leave him?

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