The name of the guy you will marry!

Help you see what the name of the guy you will marry be like! [Example! BOB: great guy loves to sing and dance he is a perfect match!] this quiz is qreat for you to see what you can look for in the future!!

I hope your end result is good and matches you perfectly! Please tell friends and give them quizzes! And if you wanna take more quizzes GoTOquizzes is the place to take them!

Created by: Mandy
  1. What do you look for in a guy?
  2. What would you like the name of the guy you'll marry start with?
  3. How many kids would you want?
  4. What type of pet would you want?
  5. What would you like him to look like?
  6. Education?
  7. Color of eyes?
  8. If you were taking him to meet your parents/guardian how would you expect him to look?
  9. Would you like your man to have cooking abilities?
  10. Would you expect him to have a job?

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