A High School Story

You've probably heard lots of stories of high schoolers. Stereotypes, mostly. But this story will dig beneath those stereotypes and you'll meet a set of characters who'll develop more and more as the saga continues.

Meet four unique guys: Charming Evan, nerdy Justin, shy Wesley, and odd Alex. Read bout them and several other characters as you find out which one of them is your perfect match!

Created by: AmandaTheTSwiftFan
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  1. It's your first day of high school, and you're attending a prestigious school that will probably get you into a good college. You don't know what to expect, or what to wear. Let's start with what you wear.
  2. You look good in your outfit. You eat breakfast and go to the bus. Three seats are available, all next to somebody else. There's a preppy girl wearing all pink, an emo boy, and a nerdy girl. Who do you want to sit next to?
  3. Two other people sit next to the two girls, so you have no choice but to sit next to the boy. He looks up from his headphones and says. "Wesley. What kind of music do you like?" You reply,
  4. He nods. "Cool." And keeps listening to his music. He isn't bad looking, with paler skin and chocolate brown hair, and dark blue eyes. You think he's a junior. The bus pulls up to your school, and you have ten minutes before you have to get to class. What do you do?
  5. You're walking down the hall towards your destination when you see a cute boy with dirty blonde hair and green eyes. "What's your name?" You blurt out. He grins. "Evan. I'm the captain of the varsity basketball team, but don't let that fool you. I've got a GPA of 4.2." He grins wider. Suddenly, you see your best friends, Ashlynn and Diane, coming towards you. Evan goes away. "Oh my gosh! You were talking to Evan Johnson!" Gushes Ashlynn. "He's the most popular guy in school!" "And the cutest." Sighs Diane. What do you say?
  6. They nod and go to class. You realize you need to get to your first class, which is AP Biology. You place your things down next to a nerdy looking boy. "Salutations! My name is Justin Wayde." You nod and sit down as the teacher begins talking. "My name is Mr. Cornwall, and I'll be your teacher this year. As you should know, this class may earn you a scholarship to a college. Now, you should have a binder." You take your backpack and after digging around for a while, you come up with a new green binder. Mr. Cornwall is taking attendance when Evan walks in. "Sorry for being late, sir." He says, winking at you. Mr. Cornwall replies, "I'll excuse this just once, Johnson. Go sit down." You roll your eyes. Evan sits down next to you. "Hey." He says. Class continues and soon it ends. Your next class is Algebra II. You honestly hate math, though. What do you do?
  7. You end up going to class. Diane is in there with you, though, as Mrs. Frederickson ltalks in and on. "Honestly, I wish her dentures would fall out or something." She says. You hold back a laugh. You have lunch next. When you arrive, the popular kids are sitting on a big table in the middle, mostly upperclassmen. Evan winks at you again. On the tables surrounding them, you see your friends and a few guys. At the other side of the cafeteria, Justin and Wesley sit together. Who do you want to sit with?
  8. You sit with Ashlynn, Diane, and a boy you don't know. "I'm Alex." He says, extending a hand. "I'm a freshman, too." "Gym was horrible." Ashlynn says. "All we did was get our lockers. I wanted to run." Alex shrugs. "I guess I'm athletic, but I don't really like gym." You eat your lunch. About halfway through, a pretty girl with straight blonde hair and hazel eyes sashays up to you. "You." She says, pointing at you. "Quit messing with Evan." You're shocked. "What?" She rolls her oversized eyes. "You heard me. I saw him winking at you in Bio, and before that he like, kept grinning at you. You've got about as much charm as a slug, so whatever you're doing, just quit." You stare at her in shock. "Oh, and FYI, I'm Carlotta Winters." After a long pause, Diane says, "What a slut. Did you see her outfit?" You ignore her and go to your next class, Art. You see Justin in the hallways, going to the same class. What do you do?
  9. Art is fun. You get to do pretty much whatever you want, and as a bonus, Ashlynn is in there. "I'll give you ten dollars if you throw a paintbrush at Justin." She grins. The teacher, Miss Woods, fresh out of college, is on the other side of the room. Do you throw the brush?
  10. You decide not to and soon the bell rings. Your last class is Study Hall and since you don't have any homework, you read a book. It's pretty boring and nobody you know is there. You sit with Wesley again on the bus. "How was it?" He asks. "Good." You reply. The rest of the day is uneventful. And now Installment One of A High School Story ends. Will you rate and review? If you do, thanks!

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