Who and when will you marry

this quiz tell you if you will marry soon or never. please answer the questions givin . Y wouldnt you take my quiz rite! merry xmas hohoho la la la sing those carols to the ppls!

the quiz will not show you pics of who you will marry just a little bit of detail. haha! have fun!!taking the quiz whohoo that is so rite merry xmas and a happy new year

Created by: ciara of uboob
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  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. how many freinds do you have?
  2. what do you like to do mostly?
  3. what do you and your boy/girlfriend like to do most?
  4. have you gotten in trouble a lot with the police or princible?
  5. do you like someone of your own sex?
  6. would you rather be home with your family that came by for a week to say hi from china or go to the biggest party of the year with all your friends?
  7. Shopping or Partying?
  8. soft or hard?
  9. do you mstly think of yourself or others?
  10. are you bored?
  11. do you think this is stupid?

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Quiz topic: Who and when will I marry