Which Clique Character Are You?

Have you ever read the book series by Lisi Harrison called The Clique? It is about a clique (go figure!) of girls who are not as perfect as they make out...

Take this quiz to find out which girl in the Pretty Commitee you are... An elegant Massie? Tomboy Dylan? Unique Claire? Follower Kirsten? Or gorgeous Alicia?

Created by: Alyx

  1. What are the people you hang out with?
  2. What is your fashion sense?
  3. How did you meet your best friend?
  4. In your group of friends, do you have little things you do or say that you ONLY do when you're together?
  5. What words best describe your best friend?
  6. What words best describe you?
  7. Your idea of fun is...
  8. You would cry if...
  9. The best hair accessory is...
  10. The worst clothing item is...

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Quiz topic: Which Clique Character am I?