Where's ur dream date?

Do you ever wonder where ur dream date will be? Take the test and out! Discover where you and your crush will unlock the love between you!! Now be honest have all of your friends take it and dont rush!!!

Now can you pull off the perfect date? Think about your crush and figure where u guys will go. Will you go shopping, see a movie, what!? Now is your chance to breakthrough that date you have been wanting to go on!!♪

Created by: Madison of lol
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  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Where do you mostly hang out?
  2. do you enjoy the outdoors?
  3. are you a girly girl? if u r a boy just say no.
  4. how r u liking this quiz?
  5. are you into sports?
  6. are u lazy or motivated?
  7. do you kike the night more or day?
  8. what kind of guy/girl r u into?
  9. what is ur everyday clothes?
  10. are you cool? doesnt count lol

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