(Girls Only) Whos Your 'Dark Knight Date?'

Okay so heres a quiz of all you batman fans! Just a fun little quiz that will tell you exactly which Dark Knight guy you would most likely date (if they were real =)

So do YOU wanna know who you would match up with??? (Remember this is just for fun, you dont have to take it too heart or anything.) Find out if your dream date is Bruce Wayne, Jim Gordon, Harvey Dent, or even The Joker!

Created by: haley
  1. Bruce Wayne just asked you to dinner, what do you say?
  2. You see The Joker's picture in the paper, you-
  3. You hear Harvey Dent dumped Racheal, you think-
  4. You hear Jim Gordon's getting a divorce, your thoughts are-
  5. Batman saves you! Youre thinken?
  6. So who do you want?
  7. Do you want this quiz to be over?
  8. hgkldfhgnlkdfgn
  9. sooo. What are your thoughts now?
  10. okay. whats your fav #?

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Quiz topic: (Girls Only) Whos my 'Dark Knight Date?'