Who is your dream date? [part 5]

This is part 5 of my series. I enjoyed making this. In the first 4 parts you met David, Kyler, Andy, and Ben. You have a month to live in their mansion and decide who you would like to date. They're all making an impact in your life and its up to you to choose the best guy to date!

Could this be your dream date? Andy. Kyler. Ben. David. Which is it?? you decide by taking this quiz. if this is your first time seeing this series try to find Parts 1 through 4 so you know what's going on =D

Created by: bballxloverxo
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  1. So as we were saying..your downstairs and they guys have something to tell you.
  2. "______" Andy says. "Yes?" you reply. "Well," Kyler states, "Your family has been looking for you and we're not really sure how long we can keep you here for."
  3. "Well i dont wanna leave." "Yeah we know." Ben says. "What can my parents do about it anyway?" you ask. "They're looking for you." "Why dont you talk to them?" David asks. "No." you reply. and you run up to your room. David comes in and says "Its okay." and starts kissing you.
  4. He steps away for a moment, taking in your reaction, and just leaves. "OKAYY..." you mumble and you get your iPod and start listening to music. Your laying on your bed when Ben walks in to talk.
  5. "So what up?" he asks. "Nothin." you reply. "I dont think im going to call my parents. i mean i only have like 2 weeks or so left here so they can handle it." "Well what if you move in here with us?" "Like when you choose the guy you wanna date." "IDK." you reply. "Then thats when im going to tell them." "okay, he says." and who is that guy anyway. you're thinking...
  6. "Umm..." you say, "That's what your gonna have to find out." you smile and so does he.
  7. He gets up and leaves. You go to bed and in the morning your greeted by a dog. you scream and Kyler rushes in. "What the hell!!!" he yells. "Theres a freakin dog on me!!!!!" you yell back. "Haha thats our dog Ginger." "This thing is huge and how come i havent seen it before?" you ask. "Well he has been in his dog house out back for the whole time." Thats when you realize you have never been in the backyard. You jump out of bed and start sprinting toward the back door, when you trip down the stairs.
  8. Andy runs towards you and helps you up. "Are you okay?" he asks. "hahahahahaha yeah." you reply. "SMOOOOOTH!!!" someone yells from the top of the stairs. It was Ben. he can always put a smile on your face. "yeah i know, shut up!" you yell. you start walking towards the back door and you step outside. You see a pool and apparently Ginger's dog house. You start walking around the pool to the huge yard and slip in.
  9. Someone pulls you out of the water. Your choking up water. You look up but dont recognize at all who this person is. "Are you ____?" the person asks. while choking, you respond "yes..." "Good." he says "I'm Cory's and Matt's friend, Josh." "Get away from me." you say. "Come on, come with me." he replies. you say "No." "Leave me alone." "You dont wanna stay here with these jerks, you'd rather come with me.." your reply is, "NO. they're not jerks and yes i wanna stay here with them." He grabs your arm and you start screaming. Before you know it he smacks you across the face and your blacked out. re
  10. hehe ANOTHER CLIFFHANGER!!! come back for part 6 if you wanna know what happens next!! =D thanks please comment and rate. =]

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Quiz topic: Who is my dream date? [part 5]