Where Did NFL QB's Go To College Quiz

This is a simple test. Where did some of the great NFL QB's go to college? For some people this may be a tough test. It may be easy for others. Thanks for taking the quiz.

Could you be an NFL QB? Well you'd have to go to college first. This is where some of the great NFL QB's went to college. Thanks for taking the quiz. You are the best.

Created by: Hawk
  1. What college did John Elway attend?
  2. What college did Peyton Manning attend?
  3. What college did Tom Brady attend?
  4. What college did Steve Young attend?
  5. What college did Joe Montana attend?
  6. What college did Brett Favre attend?
  7. What college did Drew Brees attend?
  8. What college did Dan Marino attend?
  9. What college did Roger Staubach attend?
  10. What college did Jim Kelly attend?
  11. What college did Cam Newton attend?
  12. What college did Aaron Rodgers attend?

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