How Cuddesdon Are You?

Cuddesdon is a village in Oxfordshire, six miles from the centre of Oxford. It is home to Ripon College Cuddesdon, an Anglican theological college. You will, no doubt, feel you know it intimately, but HOW intimately?

You are no doubt itching to test yourself. But - PLEASE - proceed carefully, your answers may be passed on to your local vicar and/or your DDO. From 2014 this test will form part of the Church of England's 'Bishops' requirements' for ordinands.

Created by: Susan Matrix
  1. Who is Mark Chapman?
  2. When wearing a cassock, what must you always do?
  3. What is the 'greater silence'?
  4. What is creative worship?
  5. What does 'firm expectation' mean?
  6. What should one do at the red diamond?
  7. Have you heard of 'Myles'?
  8. The vicar's husband sings in which famous group?
  9. The singer and guitarist from which band is often to be spied at the summer fete?
  10. Is that a drinks cabinet?

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Quiz topic: How Cuddesdon am I?