College Girl Quiz.

You are about to graduate college! But you don't know what you want to be! I still in school and I know what I want to be. Some people might know also! Some might not know!

Do you want to know what job you want? Is it a Fashionista? A librarian? Take this quiz to find out which major might be the best one for you.

Created by: Snow
  1. What key do you think is the coolest?
  2. Which ruler is the best?
  3. What flower is the prettiest?
  4. What is the best pen or pencil to use on a paper?
  5. What envelope color is the best?
  6. Okay, from 8-12 the answers and questions don't count. So what is your favorite cake?
  7. What is your favorite color?
  8. What is your mood right now?
  9. You saw a little puppy in the pet store and you only have $25.00! Would you get the puppy or save your money?
  10. Goodbye!

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