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They're a lot of College Football fans out there. But do they have the knowledge to make a 100 on this test? Your about to find out exactly how smart you are.

When is comes to College Football, its about tradition, the fight songs, and the rivalries. Now lets me see your expertise in the greatest sport ever invented.

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  1. What team has the most wins all-time?
  2. Were did Tom Brady attend college?
  3. What SEC program plays in the city of Starkville?
  4. Who holds the single season rushing record in NCAA history?
  5. How many teams are in the BIG 10
  6. How many teams does the BIG 12 have?
  7. Were is the annual Red River Rivalry played between Texas-Oklahoma?
  8. Out of the 128 FBS Teams, how many are in Texas?
  9. Marshall University is in what state?
  10. Bowling Green State is in what state?

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