How CofE are you?

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There is only one Church of England and Mother of the Anglican Communion. It has a statutory responsibility to minister to the whole nation, but its history, identity and purpose have become muddled to many. How muddled are you?

How Church of England are you? Do you have the historical, theological, ecclesiological and soteriological knowledge to qualify as a bona fide Anglican?

Created by: Archbishop Cranmer
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  1. When was the Church of England established?
  2. Which term best describes CofE doctrine?
  3. Who is credited with laying the foundations of CofE theology?
  4. How is CofE worship and liturgy regulated?
  5. Who is the Supreme Governor of the Church of England?
  6. How did Archbishop Thomas Cranmer die?
  7. What is the General Synod?
  8. Who is the Archbishop of Canterbury?
  9. Who or what is the gravest threat to the CofE's continuing existence?
  10. What is the Via Media?
  11. What do you believe about communion wine?

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Quiz topic: How CofE am I?