The Dark Woods part 1

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So this is my first ever story quiz, so I apologize if it is s---. Lol. Anyway, its probably boring but oh well. Ima do it anyway. Lalala pink fluffy unicorns dancing on rainbows....

So just read this story, so far its a bit muddled up with story and character description but oh well next story will be less muddled. Ok. Lalala lalala

Created by: Rainstorm
  1. This is gonna be my first story quiz ok.
  2. The characters in this story are: Kayla, Jayannah, Lauren, Aaron,Tyler, Brooke and Kaitlynne
  3. Kayla walked through the forest. It seemed ages since she had last been there. But now she was here again, in the dark forest. Everything seemed to be different there, but Kayla just couldn't figure out what was so different. She shrugged, and carried on strolling through the woods. In the distance, was the faint howling of wolves. Kayla shivered, and remembered her last encounter with a wolf. She wasn't scared now.
  4. She decided to turn back the other way though, scared or not, she knew there was danger...
  5. Kayla was a very pretty girl, she had long, smooth dark purple hair. She had sapphire blur eyes, and a face as smooth as porcelain. No one could mistake anyone else for her, as she was very beautiful. But Kayla wasn't vain about it. She was a quiet, shy girl. She spent most of her time sitting under her special tree.
  6. Brooke had slightly wavy shoulder length midnight blue hair, she had hazel brown eyes,the colour of chestnuts. Even though she wasn't as pretty as Kayla, she didn't mind, as she was a very kind and caring girl. Everyone seemed to like her.
  7. Kaitlynne had unmistakable long, black smooth raven hair. Her eyes were a deep sapphire blue, and she had smooth pale skin. There seemed to be something about her that was different about everyone else. People at her school thought she was possibly a vampire of the night. She was a kind, quiet girl, and was normally alone, because of the suspicion. But kaitlynne was the complete opposite of a mean vampire.
  8. Aaron was a very handsome boy. He had dark brown hair that seemed to hang cutely in front of his eyes. Most girls were attracted to him, but in his heart there was only one girl who he really liked. Kaitlynne.
  9. I will do more character descriptions on the next story of this.
  10. Watch out for the next one.

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