shopping quiz River Woods

River Woods is a well known fashion company. But what do you know about it. Here you can prove, maybe learn more about RW, just by solving this quiz. Do you want to take this challange?

Who is pretending to have all knowledge of River Woods. Those who do, can prove it by solving this quiz. Good chance !! since you will not know everything by heart you are certainly obliged to look up some things.

Created by: Sophie Vercammen

  1. In how many countries is River Woods represented?
  2. What is the exact origin of River Woods?
  3. Which country has the fewest stores of RW?
  4. On May 19th 2011 river Woods showed their summer collection together with a car. Which car was it?
  5. In 2012 River Woods will be sponsor of a grand prix. Which one is the correct?
  6. With which collection River Woods started their growth in Belgium?
  7. When opened the first RW dedicated kids store in Belgium?
  8. Where is the administrative centre of RV situated in Belgium?
  9. Of which one River Woods is an official sport sponsor in Belgium?
  10. Which country represents 37 RW shops?

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