How much do you know about River Woods, the famous brand? I bet you cannot answer all the questions correctly... or can you? Well now I'm starting to be curious.

Enough talk. Let's start now and see if you know so much about River Woods as you pretend. Good luck! (I still bet you cannot get the maximum score...)

Created by: Esther

  1. Where did River Woods start to exist?
  2. When was River Woods born?
  3. River Woods is created by who?
  4. What specific kind of clothes were introduced on the 6th of January 1996?
  5. What's so special about the River Woods shop in Wijnegem Shopping Center?
  6. One year ago on the 23rd of January, River Woods opened its the first dedicated RW Kids store. Where exactly in Belgium is this store?
  7. In how many countries can you find a River Woods store
  8. Now take a guess... How many River Wood shops are there in Belgium?
  9. River Woods was orginally a brand for...
  10. River Woods has established a solid distribution network throughout the world, bit which country hasn't got a RW store yet?

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