What type of brand is meant for you

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So basicaally are you ugly, Smart , Dumb, or nah . This quiz will test every single one of those make sure choose wisely because you get what's coming for yah.

Lets see if you can be the best brand or the worst for only on brand can win so yeah come on do like you do and be the best or you can fail and be the worst brand.

Created by: Iain

  1. Do you ever exercise?
  2. Do you ever play football?
  3. What are those.
  4. How do you respond to Ohh kill em
  5. Which of these brands do you like the most.
  6. Do you care about outdoors.
  7. Do you like Stephen Curry
  8. Do you like Neymar or Messi
  9. Who is your favorate celebrity?
  10. Have you ever seen a gangster liger

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