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  • A girly girl?? ok why not. anything was alright with my mum, so why not a girly girl. It dosn't really matter does it?

    FANTASY Apr 7 '10, 11:20AM
  • yay a girly girl lol (i'm 9 :3)

    shadowluver Mar 31 '10, 6:33PM
  • yay a girly girl lol (i'm 9 :3)

    shadowluver Mar 31 '10, 6:32PM
  • this quiz is a lie, no offense.

    alegnageno Mar 29 '10, 8:14PM
  • Are You serious? Triplets? Twins would be hard enough, but triplets?
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    gothica13 Mar 25 '10, 2:47PM
  • YESS! 3 girls! No boyzz!

    emma1787 Mar 15 '10, 11:50PM
  • twins, a boy and a girl, cool :)

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    delete spaces :)

    pixystixlove94 Mar 13 '10, 2:01PM
  • wow a sweet boy he is gonna be a lil nerdy good thing im not going to be like him only if i have him(im only 8)

    xray111 Mar 13 '10, 9:36AM
  • pahahaha! this quiz...! lmfao! not accurate.. hmm...twins.. lmfao! awesome though??? lmfao!! :D

    Kudos Dino Mar 11 '10, 12:05PM
  • kool i wanted twins !! and i got them!! yay but idk if that will happen tho (im only 11)

    green67 Mar 8 '10, 8:03PM
  • im gettin twins. woohoo... (In the backround... Hidan: If u dont want them ill take them Jashin-Sama needs another sacrifice. Me: ....we'll talk bout tht l8r.....

    Hozuki_Rune Mar 7 '10, 10:18PM
  • and by the way, im 12

    alegnageno Mar 6 '10, 10:36PM
  • your result: triplets!!! ya, rite. i answered none of the questions, and i got triplets. This is a really cool quiz, but...i kno i didn't get the truth...bye.

    alegnageno Mar 6 '10, 10:36PM
  • my friend anja is with me and im at her house she got sweet girly girl. hey its anja.........havin fun! bye

    hollister Mar 5 '10, 4:49PM
  • NO!

    khashayar Mar 5 '10, 12:24PM
  • awww i got 3 girls that will be beautiful and poplar. i dont think i want 3 at one time but im glad their girls my brothers drive me crazy!!!!

    mybabymcgregor Mar 5 '10, 10:00AM
  • Sweet boy? awww okays

    Carri04 Mar 4 '10, 6:18PM
  • Sweet boy... aww... the picture is soooo cute! What a lovely quiz!!!!

    I like music Mar 4 '10, 7:43AM
  • aww :DD the desrciption sounds just like mehh! and she'll be a mommie's girl :DD and she's really girly and likes pink and purple (like mehh!] and she'll be shy (aww] :DD

    x_brii_x Mar 1 '10, 8:19PM
  • Wait... I'm a goth and I get a girly girl... How does that work?

    MyChem4Ever1998 Mar 1 '10, 2:41PM
  • ugh...... i don't really like triplets. also they are gonna be hecka girly! blech!

    x aka mrlq x Feb 28 '10, 6:33PM
  • Triplets wow O.O that would be crazy! LoL nice quiz! =)

    Anastasia Feb 28 '10, 4:34PM

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